Featuring the Artist's Original Watercolour Paintings

Sam L. Boehner Art

A Portrait should express the essence of the subject. Paintings are more distinct than that of a posed photo. Photos capture a moment in time, whereas a portrait will capture the personality and character of the sitter. Normally, Sam works from photographs she has taken, because sitters do not have the patience nor the time available these days to sit for the required period. A meeting with subjects gives Sam the opportunity to come to an understanding of their personality and character which will manifest itself in the finished portrait. Sam works in Watercolour because of the translucent effect she is able to create. As an added bonus it dries quickly requiring no extra wait-time once the painting is completed. The size and complexity of a piece determines the length of time to complete the piece; a guideline of 3-12 weeks should be allowed.

The following is an approximation of price on a 15x22" Sheet of Professional grade 100% cotton, 300 lb watercolour Paper:
Head & Shoulders 1000.00

Head & Torso 1100.00
Full figure 1500.00
Larger Portraits are available and prices discussed when a first meeting is arranged. All Commissions require a signed contract, to protect all parties and a deposit of 1/2 of the fee, before we can proceed. There is a step by step approval process with a small study to determine the composition, and colours and likeness to the subjects. The artwork is completed using professional archival quality products. These paintings are generational keepsakes; they will last for hundred's of years and will only increase in value overtime.

Prices do not include framing or shipping. These charges will be applied where applicable.