Sam Boehner is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Sam Boehner is an elected member of the CSPWC

About the Artist

Born in Fredericton New Brunswick in 1960, Sam Boehner moved to the west coast in 1992. After finishing a degree in Biology at the University of Victoria and a 13 year career in fisheries management Sam began the journey to becoming an artist in late 2007.  After a period of ill health, this new-found passion  was a way into self-discovery, relaxation, and positive mental health.

Watercolours have always attracted Sam, not simply for their beauty, but also for the challenge of working with a medium that so many artists consider "uncontrollable". Sam has studied the watercolour medium since September 2007 with Leslie Redhead and has since early 2009 participated in many other art education workshops and classes. Her thirst for knowledge is insatiable.

Sam's love of colour, light  and shadow inspire her work.

"When I work with watercolour I am reminded that life's challenges can be very rewarding. I liken this medium to swimming in a rippling creek or the strength of a flowing river; either requires effort, and more so when you are working against the force of a current; however, if you relax, and enjoy the ride, it will take you merrily along.

As is the case with watercolour, I love the way it flows, no other medium does that.  Overtime, it still remains challenging, and rewarding.

After viewing my work, I hope you can feel how much I love watercolour; and I hope you leave this site wanting more...Please contact me with questions about any of my work. I thank you for your interest."

Sam Boehner's artworks are included in private collections from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, and all the way south to Knoxville Tennesee and San Andreas, Guatemala, and as far East as Tanzania, Africa . To view paintings please contact Sam at the email provided.

Featuring the Artist's Original Watercolour Paintings

Sam L. Boehner Art